Wyatt Thomas

Wyatt Thomas got a taste of music performance early in life at the age of 3. His father was a full-time drummer so there was always a drum kit somewhere in reach in the house. After being given his first guitar at 7 and bass guitar not long after, he knew this was the only path for him. Picking up the bass after his first one was gifted to him by a close friend and mentor, he started learning songs he could play at open jams in town and soon after, he was proficient enough to play whole shows. He started playing with bands in the local area for a living while also in high school. Wyatt slowly became a well-respected musician in Wilmington, NC and became a highly sought-after player. In 2018, he took to playing in the beach music circuit in North Myrtle Beach, SC, then in 2021, took his talents to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee where he has found no shortage of work. Wyatt is now playing bass with Ryan  Daniel!