March 9, 2015

Release Date for New Single!!!

Nashville, TN – Up and coming CMA recording artist Ryan Daniel is set to release his highly anticipated single, “Lies and Bruises”. In conjunction with the release of “Lies and Bruises”, he will be touring across the United States. “Lies and Bruises” is a song that will touch your soul. The single brings to light the effect of domestic violence and how it touches the entire community. The honesty of the song will leave you speechless and a tear in your eye.

“Lies and Bruises” is the first single co-written by Ryan Daniel, Dwayne Moore, Barry Best, Prevo Rodgers Jr., and Josh Owens to be released from his sophomore album, which is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2015. This song would not be possible without the hard work of song writers, musicians, engineers and producers who put everything together. A huge thank you to Doug Stringer and Stringer Performance! Without their support the single would not have become a reality so quickly. Doug and Whitney Stringer both stated, “ This song is going to be a hit.”

The world premiere of “Lies and Bruises” will be with The Iceman on Monday, March 16th at 7:55 PM EST/6:55 PM Central. You can listen from your PC and all other devices. Following the world premiere of “Lies and Bruises”, The Iceman will interview Ryan Daniel to discuss the song and upcoming tour. The single will be released on iTunes on March 27th, 2015. Ryan Daniel will release a limited number of autographed CD singles of “Lies and Bruises” for purchase on his website, , beginning March 16th.

You may contact Kelly Marshall at 940-443-0032,, for booking, interview, or tour information.

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